Pastor's Message - 30 Day Challenge
I hope you’re enjoying the Hot Topics sermon series and that your faith is being encouraged by having the opportunity to discuss certain subjects in church that we often don’t talk about. I want to take this space to talk some more about the 30 Day Challenge that I issued to the congregation during the sermon on marriage yesterday.

Once again, the challenge is to think about 10 different ways you can show love to your spouse over the next 30 days. And some folks may feel concerned that what I’m challenging you to do involves lots of planning and, perhaps, even cost. Not at all! I’m not suggesting that you buy your spouse a dozen roses every day or plan 30 days of candlelight dinners. What I am suggesting is that you think through little ways each day that you can “go the extra mile” in showing love for your spouse.

Could you get up a little earlier and bring your spouse a cup of coffee? Can you do the dishes or vacuum before your spouse gets home? Can you send a quick text during the day to let your spouse know you love them and are thinking of them? Better yet, can you send your spouse a quick text letting them know that you are praying for them?

These are the “little things” we can do each day to let our spouse know that we love them. They are little things that add up and make a big difference. And then, yes, at some point during these 30 days you may want to plan a couple extra special dinners. You may want to make an effort to make extra time for intimacy. All these ways of saying “I love you” help a couple to feel closer in marriage and add up to an added blessing and feeling of married satisfaction. I hope you enjoy these next 30 days with your spouse and I pray they are days full of affection happiness.
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